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Clothing Fit Solutions

Increase sales by 17% + reduce returns by 38%


One-time Set-up in 5 Easy Steps

Once your customers enter their measurements
they are authenticated as a Scircula user and provided
with frictionless fit experiences on every visit


Accurate Garment Specific
Fit Recommendations

Take critical fit factors into account; how a garment
is intended to fit, where it stretches or does not
and how fit changes with wear over time


Automatic Purchase and Fit Feedback Loop

Add fit recommendations directly to cart and capture
valuable fit intelligence by product from your customers


Real-time Fit Intelligence

Enables you to turn customer size, fit and buying
behaviour data into action, maximizing every cent you
spend from eCommerce to Design and Production

Proven impact

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Fit Accuracy
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Reduced Returns
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Increased Sales
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Efficiency Savings
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Customer Delight
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Customer Retention

Reviews by real customers and end-users


Your Customers

Makes buying from you easy and hassle free

  • 1-time set up in 5 easy steps
  • Works across eCommerce on every site with our tech
  • Provides 97% accurate recommendations - removes guesswork
  • Fit personalized to each customer and unique garment
  • Gathers valuable fit feedback and customer reviews

eCommerce Teams

Personalise and optimise your e-shop performance

  • Understand your true customer to personalise experiences
  • Increase conversions and repeat purchase behaviours
  • Build trust that improves CLV and brand loyalty
  • Significantly reduce costly and wasteful returns
  • Build validated customer profiles with real-time size, fit and buying behavior data

Design Teams

Create clothing that fits and sells

  • Know your customers body shapes, sizes and how each SKU fits
  • Identify fit irregularities - design for optimal fit
  • Standardize sizing, samples and tech packs
  • Realise greater efficiencies and speed to market
  • Develop products that fit and sell with real-time buying behavior data

Production Teams

Reduce overproduction, costs and waste

  • Know true market need at SKU level with real-time analytics
  • Respond to changes and trends with agility, fewer costs
  • Produce accurate quantities in sizes and styles that fit and sell
  • Better manage inventory, maximizing revenue and profits
  • Reduce environmental impact with eco-efficient production

Custom Model

We train our algorithms with your unique data to ensure our solution provides the most accurate garment specific fit recommendations to your customers

UI Design

We design the Find My Fit button that goes on your product pages so that it compliments your e-shop aesthetics and aligns with your brand's look and feel

Integrate Solution

We integrate our solution into your e-shop via API connecting your platform with ours, without any code or heavy lifting required your end

Scircula Powered

We test every garment again to ensure it's working 100% looks awesome and is ready to give your customers the most frictionless fit experiences

Get started in days, not months!

Make Life Easier

Frictionless fit experiences that save you time, money and our planet