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On average 40% of clothing sold online is returned. The reason? Incorrect size and fit.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’re missing out on SO much more potential revenue than what you are typically measuring.

This infographic is to help you really understand Online Shopping Buying Behaviours and how they’re impacting your eCommerce Fashion Business.

Our aim is to equip you with actionable insights that will enable you to provide frictionless customer experiences that save you time, money and our planet.




Here are just 4 recurring problems that are prohibiting fashion brands from converting new customers, retaining existing ones and maximising every cent you spend


1. 30% of cart abandonment is directly attributed to the friction around size and fit
2. 80% of new customers who experience a return will never buy from you again
3. Customers leave negative reviews that damage trust and your potential sales
4. Garments in the return cycle miss full-pricing sell time diluting your profits 



We’ve  aggregated millions of data from years of validated online shopper and behavioural research. Here are just a few things online shoppers shared about their experiences ….


“I guess my size and to avoid disappointment, buy multiple sizes and usually, I send more than 80% of it back because it doesn’t fit” Anna C, Online Shopper since 2009

“Aaaaah it’s just too hard to find my right fit, so I abandon cart.” Nicola B, Online Shopper since 2012

“I want to find my right fit to avoid the inconvenience and cost of returns, but I am also aware of the environmental impact of making the wrong size choice.” Karen M, Online Shopper since 2014

“As a consumer my lack of understanding of different cuts has often brought on frustration as I am a M in one style and a L in another style, so I often find myself returning online purchases.” Jens R, Online Shopper since 2009



If returns are keeping you up at night or you’re not getting the type of sales traction and growth you’d like, we’d love to help.

We work with the most progressive sustainable fashion brands and retailers who we’ve helped increase their sales by 11% and reduce their returns by 34-38%.



To discover how we can help you solve your size + fit problems, book your demo:


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