Personalise online shopping experiences with SCIRCULA eCommerce Fit Solution

Increase profit margins by eliminating sizing guesswork and providing your customers with their perfect fit the first time.


Around 64% of new customers who experience a return on their first purchase will not buy from that brand again. By eliminating sizing guesswork and providing accurate size recommendations by garment, based on your customers unique body shape and size, you not only increase fit confidence, but also positively influence buying behaviours, which directly impact your triple bottomline.

garment software
garment software


Brands who use our personalisation software, SCIRCULA Fit, have increased sales by 20%, reduced garment returns by 34% and improved customer loyalty while lowering their carbon footprint.

Increase sales

Reduce returns

Fit accuracy


Our Fit solution has a white-label UI that looks, sounds and feels like your brand; maintaining your brand integrity. Equipped with proprietary algorithms, our software delivers highly accurate and personalised online shopping experiences, achieving industry leading results. Integration is quick and hassle free with a simple API plug-in.

garment software

Who Needs Our Personalisation Software?

SCIRCULA Fit benefits eCommerce teams that want to instantly increase sales, conversions, AOV’s and repeat purchase behaviours with the highest possible margins.

Our solution helps marketing professionals who are looking to fully understand their customers to create personalised promotions that deliver outstanding results.

Through personalisation you can now provide your customers with more relevant and accurate online shopping experiences, with the guarantee of providing them with their perfect fit the first time.

garment software