SCIRCULA Supply Chain

Build the most profitable and sustainable supply chain with SCIRCULA Clothing Software

Reduce overproduction and waste by only producing what your customers need in the right quantities and sizes.


Approximately 30% of apparel produced is never sold, going directly to landfill. A significant contributing factor being inaccurate demand forecasting and subsequent overproduction of clothing that does not fit or sell. Centralising intelligence for your most important decision-making teams enables you to establish a strong foundation for sustainable change, work more efficiently, cost-effectively, responsively and flexibly.

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Brands who use our clothing software, SCIRCULA Supply Chain, have reduced garment returns by 34%, achieved cost savings of 18% across their value chain and reduced their carbon footprint.

Reduce returns

Cost savings

Reduce CO2


SCIRCULA clothing software enables brands to make accurate predictions on the quantities and sizes of SKU production based on true market demands. By centralising intelligence and having greater transparency on what is actually required, various departments can reduce overproduction and costs, optimise operations and save valuable natural resources.

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Who Needs Our Clothing Software?

SCIRCULA Clothing Software is designed for fashion brands that are actively seeking new ways to build the most robust and sustainable supply chain.


Our solution is designed for production planning and control teams that need to transform their current operations to be fully optimised for improvements, inventory, delivery, efficiency, costs and speed.


It benefits supply chain teams that are in need of adopting industry leading practices to ensure a future-proof circular business model that will achieve sustainable growth.

virtual clothes fitting
virtual clothes fitting