Transform your triple bottomline by solving fit at its source with SCIRCULA’s Personalisation Software.

SCIRCULA’s solutions are designed and engineered to improve your profit margins in a more personal and sustainable way by solving fit at its source.

We understand one size does not fit all, that is why we have configured our solutions to be modular, enabling you to curate the most impactful combination of tools that meet your specific business needs.

Our data-driven personalisation software helps you identify, understand and eliminate fit-related issues across your value chain, increasing sales, reducing costs, inefficiencies and waste.


1 solution 3 deliverables.
A smarter way to build a more profitable and sustainable business.

Increase your profit margins by eliminating sizing guesswork and providing your customers with their perfect fit the first time.
Reduce your costs and risks by designing clothes that fit and sell the first time with actionable business insights.
Build the most sustainable supply chain by only producing what your customers need in the right quantities and sizes.

Our success metrics...

Increase sales

Reduce returns

Lift conversions

Cost savings

Customer delight

Fit accuracy