Our Quest for Sustainability in the Garment Industry

Fashion is the 7th biggest industry globally, worth $2.4 trillion. It is also the second most polluting industry on the planet …

Responsible for creating 92 million tonnes of textile waste and 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, more than all international flights and marine shipping combined.


We produce approximately 150 billion garments each year. Nearly half of these clothes are discarded after 9 months of use, while 85% end up in landfill. Given that the global population is expected to hit 8.5 billion by 2030, our overall consumption is estimated to increase by 65%.


As each year passes, we face increasing high risks of destabilising our planet and crippling our world economy. The bottomline: our current trajectory has us heading towards absolute catastrophe.

The linear model of “take, make, dispose” is simply not sustainable.

Fortunately, change is in motion. Sustainability in the garment industry is emerging at a rapid pace due to; consumers using their wallet to vote for the type of world they want to live in and a new mindset in business. The Circular Mindset, as we call it, is a radical, restorative and regenerative way of doing business. It enables fashion to be designed, produced, sold, used, reused and recycled, creating an infinite loop without waste.

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At SCIRCULA, we are on a mission to put fashion on the path to sustainability.

We exist to make fashion more circular; a means to achieve climate and resource protection whilst supporting economic growth. Through collaboration, we empower fashion brands and retailers with digital solutions and invaluable data to steer the industry in the right direction.


We believe that the future does not have to be a compromise between achieving social, economic or environmental prosperity. We can have it all and realise transformation at scale if we are collaborative, intentional and harness the power of innovative technology.