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Make Fashion eCommerce Sustainable Beyond Earth Day

Published on 22 April 2021 by Penny Whitelaw in Fashion, Sustainability
For World Earth Day we summed up how to attain a sustainable brand. Read how to achieve a sustainable eCommerce in the fashion industry here.

Today is World Earth Day, a global reflection of how we can take better care of our world. The initiative started in 1970 with the intent to drive positive action for our planet. Today, more than 50 years later, there is still a long way to go. We often forget that to achieve a goal this big, it requires more than one day a year to consider our impact on the environment. Nonetheless, let this day be a moment of reflection on what your company is doing well and whether there is room for improvement in other areas. We know radical change can seem overwhelming and, of course, it takes money and time. Therefore, we aim to guide you on three easy ways that help you make your fashion eCommerce business more sustainable today. 

Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Yes, we all love fashion. There is a reason why we have decided to work in this industry. Clothes are a necessity that at the same time can be art, comfort and a form of self-expression. While these products bring smiles to your customers, they often come at a price. Fashion being the 7th biggest industry globally and worth 2.4 trillion dollars, is also the most polluting industry after oil. Each year, it produces approximately 150 billion garments, of which 40 million tonnes of textile go wasted. That comes down to a truck full of clothes unloading every second. The main reason for this waste? Unsold or returned items. 

We can do better than that.

Fashion Businesses should not wait for government regulations and innovation to become more sustainable. Instead, they should take responsibility to steer change in the right direction by leading by example. Change starts with you after all, or in this case, your soon-to-be sustainable fashion eCommerce business. The best part is what will follow. “And what is that” you may wonder. The answer is customers who believe in your cause

Nowadays, customers vote with their wallets for the type of world they want to live in. They seek out brands that align with their values and support those that go the extra mile to make a positive impact. Today the intention and reason behind your product are just as important as its quality. That means that your business does not solely has to rely on profit, but that profit and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

3 actions you can take today to make your fashion eCommerce business more sustainable and profitable

 Design Products that Fit and Sell 

While it is an obvious goal to set, it can be challenging to design better products in practice, especially when you don’t have all the information to connect the right dots. Two quick fail-proof ways to turn this around are:

  • Collect + Use Your Customer Data. Data is your friend and can offer you deep insights into your customers buying behaviours; what they love, want and need, what prevents them from moving from browsing to buying, what they do purchase and how this fits their unique body size, shape and style. This data helps you identify what new products are most relevant and sell and what sizes and quantities they should be produced in to minimise costs and waste. But that is not all. Data also reduces the risk of returns from garments that did not fit as expected.

Reduce Your Returns with Smart Tech

It’s the bane of everyone’s life (we know, we have stood in your shoes and your customers’ shoes too) but we do not have to accept “the price you pay to sell clothing online”. On top of that, every return generates at least 50kg of CO2. Shocking right? Reducing returns is therefore not only in the interest of the profitability of your company, but also the durability of our planet.

  • Use a Fit Finder. More often than not, it’s new customers that order multiple sizes to find their right fit. But we also see that existing customers face the same challenges on new styles. To limit the size and fit related returns, it is key to aid customers in their buying process by eliminating fit friction. A fit finder facilitates a better buying experience by removing the guesswork of “what size to buy to know it will fit me” by providing accurate, garment specific fit recommendations based on the customer’s unique body shape, size and fit preference. That little help provides customers with the confidence to buy today. And thanks to a great experience, they are coming back to buy from you again and again. Not to mention, tell all their friends, of course. 

Put Your Customers First

Every brand out there claims to put the needs of their customers first. Despite the good intentions, data shows the opposite.

    • Optimise the user experience. Make sure your website is user friendly. You can do this by validating with your customers what works, what doesn’t, and then fix it or ditch it. 85% of online shoppers report that most of the information on brands sites is irrelevant and not helpful in facilitating their buying experiences. So stop making it so hard for customers to buy from you and ask them – what can we do to make your online shopping experiences epic? We promise you, they will be happy to tell you and little changes make a huge difference. You will instantly see results in your conversions, AOV’s, return rates, CLTV and more. That is just an easy win. What are you waiting for?

How we help you take action today and beyond tomorrow

As a purpose-driven fit intelligence company on a mission to empower responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) in the fashion industry, helping fashion brands build the most profitable and sustainable eCommerce businesses is our jam. We take a completely different approach to any other fit company in the market. That is because our why is about building a better future – the goal to make fashion circular by 2030 – which filters into how we are doing this and the role behavioural and data science plays in our data-driven fitting technology.

Our eCommerce Fit Solution provides online shoppers with 97% accurate garment specific fit recommendations that reduce returns by 34% and increases sales by 11% simply by optimising customer experiences.

In addition, it collects customers size, shape, fit and buying behaviour data in real-time, enabling brands to know their true customer and how to translate these insights to design products that fit and sell, accurately forecast market demand to produce more sustainably and provide frictionless customer experiences that result in more sales with fewer costly returns.

Together we can build a community of purpose-led sustainable eCommerce businesses supported by our conscious customers and contribute to actual positive change to our world beyond World Earth Day. 

Are you ready to save time, money and our planet by building a more profitable and sustainable fashion eCommerce business? Discover how 

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