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How sustainable seaweed apparel is helping our planet

Published on 8 June 2021 by Penny Whitelaw in Fashion, Sustainability
Leticia Credidio shares here inspiration in creating sustainable seaweed apparel that help protect people and our beautiful planet.

Today, we celebrate World Oceans Day with a conversation with Leticia Credidio who was inspired to create sustainable seaweed apparel to protect our oceans. We want to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have on everyday life and our personal connection and dependence to help protect them.

As the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe, as well as being a major source of food and medicines, our oceans play a critical part in the biosphere.


To say our lives depend on it is no exaggeration. The reality is that if the ocean dies, we die.


Because the ocean provides all of those things which make it possible for us to live on the planet. 

The purpose of the Day is to create awareness of the impact our actions make on the oceans and inspire a movement for sustainable change. It’s also about celebrating the abundance the ocean gives us and recognising the inspiration it’s had on sustainable fashion.


We’re thrilled to share our conversation with Leticia Credidio

Where she shares with us her inspiration to create sustainable seaweed apparel that help protect our oceans.


What inspired you to create your Ocean Collection?

My inspiration to create Ocean Collection was to demonstrate our oceans’ beauty and importance. In this collection, we’ve used organic seaweed (SeaCellTM blended with OEKO-TEX micro modal weaved and produced in Germany) which felt like a natural choice. When I designed the Ocean Collection, I thought of incorporating the gorgeous feeling of sleeping after a long day at the beach. The designs were based on the shape of waves, the beautiful coral reefs, the fresh ocean breeze, the softness of warm sand and the calming sounds of the waters on summer nights. 


What is your Vision and Mission with your Ocean Collection?

70% of our planet’s surface is covered by oceans. With all issues caused by climate change, plastic and micro pollution and we all need to adopt conscious decisions to protect these. I aimed to start a conversation about protection and solutions to reduce plastic and waste in the oceans.


How does using sustainable seaweed positively impact our oceans and planet?

Seaweed fabric – SeaCellTM is a smart fibre and a sustainable alternative to cotton. Seaweed grows abundantly in oceans and they replenish quickly in their habitat. On the other hand, some research shows that seaweed plays a very important role against climate change – it helps to reduce greenhouse gases and draw CO₂ out of the atmosphere.


What are the benefits of wearing sustainable seaweed apparel for eco-conscious shoppers?

Seaweed apparels are antibacterial, breathable, allergy-free and comfortable. We have chosen seaweed (SeaCellTM) as the main component to our Ocean Collection as it has some amazing properties and active agents like amino acids, antioxidants, healthy minerals – magnesium, iodine, potassium and vitamins B, A and E. Even mixed with another fibre, this fabric contains nutrients and has a healing effect on the skin.


What are the benefits for other fashion brands that may wish to follow in your footsteps?

Producing garments slowly and seasonless helps to reduce waste. I hope there is a societal mental shift to consumerism and for fashion brands to adopt a slower pace in production. There are plenty of different types of studies and innovation when it comes to fabrics. Sustainable and certified fabrics aren’t the cheapest types but are definitely the best ones for our planet.


How does buying, wearing or producing sustainable seaweed apparel protect our oceans/planet?

Investing in non-plastic – polyester-free – apparel such as seaweed, can help us reduce microplastics going to our oceans. Seaweed is a natural material for fabrics and isn’t harmful to the people producing/weaving. Its production also doesn’t generate chemicals that pollute our waters.


Looking great and feeling fabulous does not need to cost the earth.


As citizens every decision we make has an impact, it’s up to us what type of impact we want to make. So next time you open your wallet we hope you will feel empowered, to cast your vote for the type of world you want to live in, that empowers people and protects our planet.

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