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Common Things Online Shoppers Ask Us

What is Scircula?
Scircula is a purpose-led fit intelligence company that exists to make fashion circular. Online shoppers like you don’t have an ecommerce fit solution that actually solves their problem, so our job is to fix that and in the process, minimise our collective impact.
After so many disappointments trying other size and fit tools, how can I trust your tool actually works?
We feel your pain because we’ve been in your shoes. We know that accuracy is the most important thing to win your trust and have worked very hard to be able to offer you a 97% fit guarantee.
Jeans are near to impossible to buy online with every style having a different size and fit. Can Scircula also help me find jeans that fit?
Absolutely. We pride ourselves in having extensive knowledge in the denim industry plus we know it’s the hardest product to buy online because every style has a different size and fit. Our approach takes your unique body shape and size and the individual pair of jeans fit characteristics into account. This way we can confidently offer you a recommendation based on the size that will best fit!
Brands often refer to the way their clothes fit as “true to size” or “standard sizing”. What is this and can Scircula help me find it?
“True to size” is only helpful when you know how that particular brand sizes right, otherwise true to whose size? But “standard sizing” is a myth, it does not exist. Every brand sizes differently and every garment size and fit is different. So even if you wear a small in one brand/garment it does not mean that you will be a small in other garments within the same brand or another brand with a similar garment. What we do is help you find the size for your best fit by garment in the brands that you love.
How exactly does Scircula work from a users point of view?
  • First find the “Find My Fit” button. Do your favorite brands have a “Find My Fit” button on their page? Lucky you, that’s Scircula
  • Go ahead and enter your body measurements. No worries it’s anonymous and you only need to do this once
  • Watch how as you browse, you’re provided with accurate size recommendations based on your best fit by garment
  • Add your desired clothing in your advised size for best fit to cart directly from the app and that’s it!
What do I have to do, download an app, set up a profile, answer a series of questions?
Fortunately, none of that is required for Scircula. In order for us to help you find your perfect fit the first time, all we need are your body measurements. Once you have provided them that’s it.
I see it’s optional to create a Scircula profile. What are the benefits for me?
Creating a Scircula profile gives you 2 things:
  • It enables you to shop across our partner brands eCommerce sites finding your perfect fit the first time, every time, without having to enter your data again
  • It gives you access to our Universal Fit Passport; your personalized size and fit guide that’s packed with features that make your online shopping experiences even more awesome and frictionless
How do you protect my privacy, specifically the data I give you?
When you use Scircula (without setting up a profile because this is optional) your data is encrypted - which means it is anonymous. When you choose to set up a Scircula profile you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy which is fully compliant with GDPR laws.
What exactly are you doing with the data I give you?
Learn more about how we are compliant with GDPR and Privacy laws as well as how we use, store, process and protect your data in our terms of use and privacy policy which you can find within Scircula’s app. Got more questions, please contact us.
I read Scircula exists to make fashion circular, that’s awesome because I am also conscious of my environmental impact. How can I contribute to helping you reach this goal?
Awesome, go you! Everytime you use Scircula you are helping us get one step closer to making fashion circular. If you are already a Scircula user (thank you) and have had awesome experiences, please share and tell your friends and encourage them to use Scircula too. If you haven’t tried Scircula yet, please do. We’d love to know what you think and are always striving to make it even better. #makefashioncircular2030

Common Things Fashion Brands Ask Us

What does Scircula do and how can it help me?
Scircula helps eCommerce fashion brands and retailers eliminate fit problems across their entire value chain so they can build the most profitable and sustainable business. Using smart technology and a data-driven approach we help you optimize every facet of your business from eCommerce, Marketing, Design and Production without the friction created by fit. Discover More
Many people have tried to solve this problem, what makes Scircula different?
There are a few solutions out there that give mediocre results. If you’re here we’re guessing mediocre is not your style, it’s not ours either. One key thing that makes Scircula different is that we exist to make fashion circular. Which means the way we solve the fit problem is completely different to anyone else. The second thing is we don’t solve sizing. We solve fit - because size does not equal fit. Thirdly, our solution is 97% accurate and it collects real-time customer size, fit and buying behavior data that enables you to optimize your entire value chain. Discover More
As a jeans brand we have a lot of challenges when it comes to selling online as every style and fit is different. Do you work with jeans brands?
We’re sorry for your challenges but can and would love to help. We happen to specialize in jeans because it is notorious for being the hardest product to buy online and where we can add the greatest amount of value because of our extensive knowledge in this space. We work with jeans brands that produce from new and recycled fibers as well as those that produce from repurposed stock in both “straight” and “plus”. We’d love to talk more, please Get in touch
What can we expect to achieve with Scircula’s help when it comes to business impact?
A fit accuracy of 97% which means that we can increase your new sales by 5%, increase repeat sales (returning customers) by 10%, reduce returns by 34%, reduce CO2 by 5% (at least).. So far customers who use Scircula’s eCommerce Fit Solution say they’re 95% satisfied with the value it brings them. So we have room to improve but so far, so good!
Does Scircula also work with retailers (multi-brand fashion eCommerce)?
Yes we do. We use a different model for multi-brand marketplaces but in essence everything except the back-end is the same. See for yourself
Do you work with all eCommerce fashion brands in all segments?
We work exclusively with sustainable fashion brands and retailers that are actively looking to be more sustainable. We work predominantly with jeans (mens and womens) and womenswear brands and retailers because these categories have the highest fit related returns (and fit problems in general). It’s also where we have extensive experience and knowledge which means we can add the most value.
What eCommerce Platforms is Scircula compatible with?
Scircula integrates into all major eCommerce platforms. Most of our customers use Shopify, so we have a purpose-built Shopify app too.
What is Scircula’s onboarding and integration process?
We aim to make onboarding quick and easy because let’s face it, who has time for complicated integrations that require rocket-science type code. Learn more about how we can get you started in days, not weeks. Learn more
Is the UI customizable?
Absolutely! Maintaining your brand's integrity is super important. We design the UI based on your brand's aesthetics, look and feel and guide you on what we know works when it comes to giving your customers the best user experiences.
What type of data insights do you collect and how does this help me?
We collect a huge amount of data which aggregates in real-time on your Scircula dashboard. Giving you deep insights on both your customers size, fit and buying behaviors and also on your own garments size, fit and overall performance. These actionable insights help your key decision teams: personalize your marketing and customers online shopping experiences, optimize your fit in existing and new products, develop new products that are most relevant to the customers buying them and accurately produce quantities in sizes and styles that will actually fit and sell. Discover more
Do you offer a free trial so we can experience Scircula before we commit?
We sure do! Please get in touch so we can share more and also learn about you. Start a free trial

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