Promoting Sustainability in the Garment Industry

SCIRCULA, a purpose-led technology business that exists to make fashion more circular.

Derived from the words science and circular, SCIRCULA is testament to our intention and methodology.


At SCIRCULA, we empower fashion brands and retailers with cutting-edge solutions and invaluable data, enabling them to identify, understand and solve fit-related problems at their source. Using a powerful combination of practical, scalable tools, we support the fashion industry in its transformation towards a more circular economy.


To deliver long-lasting positive change for people, profit and planet.

We are on a mission to help transform the fashion industry moving from the existing linear model of ‘take, make, dispose’ into a more circular model without waste.


We embrace the circular mindset of business.

Where others see complexity, we see opportunity. Everything we do is intentional, designed to further our goal of promoting sustainability in the garment industry. We use behavioural and data science-based principles to design and engineer unparalleled technology solutions that solve the fashion industry’s most critical problems.


We believe intention paired with inspired action achieves transformation.

We are insatiably curious and need to
understand the WHY behind absolutely everything

We are on a mission to design out waste and steward the fashion industry towards a circular economy

We believe in the power of collaboration and forging long lasting partnerships that yield superior results

As a purpose-led technology business our intention is to do good, for people, profit and planet

We harness technology and data to create new ways to build more meaningful business

Every behaviour has an impact, we care what that is and are committed to create a system for positive change