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About Us

Fit Solution on a mission to empower responsible consumption + production (SDG 12)

Our Approach

Everything we do is done with a human-centred approach

Taking real people’s problems, behaviours, emotions, wants and needs into account. This enables us to put you and your customers at the centre of all we do.

Providing fit solutions across your entire value chain, which help you build the most profitable and sustainable fashion business that’s great for people, profit and our planet.

Our Team

Mission to empower responsible consumption + production

Backgrounds in Fashion, eCommerce, Garment Fit, Big Data, Software Engineering, UX/UI Design, Data and Behavioural Science.

Proudly supported by an amazing group of impact investors and trusted by leading sustainable fashion brands in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Our Name

Inspired by our vision to make fashion less wasteful

Scircula, pronounced suh-kyuh-luh, is made up of two words: Sci represents data and behaviour science, the “how” behind our unique methodology.

Circula represents circularity, the “why” behind our vision to help make fashion circular by eliminating size + fit related problems across the value chain.

Core Values

About Us


Always act in accordance with our values, vision and mission
About Us


Always strive to understand the why behind everything
About Us

Think Big

Creating more impact with less resources
About Us


For our actions, reactions and how they contribute to the end goal
About Us


An anything is possible mindset, never give up no matter the challenge
About Us


Deliberate inspired action that leads to positive transformation
Our Ethos

Partnering with Scircula

Means belonging to a forward thinking movement that walks the walk and talks the talk.

Being part of a great cause that actively implements best in market solutions which positively impact people, profit and our planet.

Make Life Easier

Frictionless fit experiences that save you time, money and our planet